Shower filters

Shower Filters

Many of us use water in our daily lives and take it for granted. You open a tap and it's there. Like the rest 95% of population that has been living in urban area where water comes through a pipe , you've taken it for granted. It's been over a century when US government and water companies built a state of the art water distribution system across the country. And it's been working very well since.

Well, but not entirely.

As infrastructure ages, water quality deteriorates, forcing water companies to use things like Chlorine and Chloramines for disinfection - to remove bacteria and other biological micro-organisms that are growing in the ageing plumbing system. Chlorine is a gas that evaporates, and in case of a shower you breath - BY FAR - more chlorine than you'd ever consume drinking straight out of tap. No wonder your skin feels itchy and irritated!

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What Is A Shower Filter, Anyway?

So here comes a solution to "chlorine in the shower" problem: Shower Filters. They provide several benefits, number one of which is chlorine removal. It is a device that is attached to the pipe coming out of your shower. Which we highly recommend you buy and use, if you have not already done so.

How They Work

Pretty much any shower filter will considerably reduce or remove chlorine from water. They also do a soap scum reduction, prevention of dry skin and hair, and removal of unpleasant odours. A typical shower filter uses one of 2 types of media to perform water filtration:
  • Granular Activated Carbon
  • KDF - a mix of copper and zinc

  • Carbon, also known as charcoal, has been an excellent water filtration material for thousands of years. It is a porous material that will absorb contaminants such as chlorine from water.

    Carbon's downside is that it starts loosing its effectiveness in hot water. So new materials are being developed to assist in shower water filtration. KDF - mix of copper and zinc, is one of these technologies. Other materials are also being accepted into the mix, for instance a Rainshower shower filter uses quartz crystals.

    5 Reasons to Use A Bath Filter

    1. Chlorine is a number one reason. Chlorine bonds to skin and hair, destroying natural balance.
    2. It will also lead to skin dryness, itching, flaking, and premature skin ageing.
    3. It will prevent skin rashes commonly attributed to "harsh" water
    4. To prevent you from breathing chlorine - which is the main danger to human health
    5. It will reduce contaminants other than chlorine

    There are many misconceptions with shower filters - that it can produce drinkable water. Unfortunately, due to severe limitations such as small filter size, a large water flow, and requirement to filter hot water, it is currently impossible to make a shower filter that will filter "everything". Any company that claims otherwise is misrepresenting their product.

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